• The Act of March 2, 2020 on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and the emerging crises as of late. d.
  • Ordinance of the Minister of National Education of 29 April 2020 amending the ordinance on special solutions during the period of temporary limitation of the functioning of education system units in relation to the prevention, counteracting and combating of COVID-19 (Journal of Laws.2020.781)
  • Ordinance of the Minister of National Education of 29 April 2020 amending the ordinance on temporary limitation of the functioning of units of the education system in relation to the prevention, counteracting and combating of COVID-19 (Journal of Laws 2020.780);
  • Anti-epidemic Guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of 30 April 2020 and 4 May 2020 for kindergartens, pre-school departments in primary school and other forms of pre-school education and institutions for the care of children under 3 years of age.
  • REGULATION OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS of 16 May 2020 on establishing certain restrictions, orders and bans in relation to the outbreak of an epidemic.

ONLY HEALTHY CHILDREN and ADULTS may come to clubs

  • Children and adults with symptoms of ANY contagious sicknesses and symptomatic allergies are not allowed in the club. GYM Generation staff has right to refuse entrance to any child or adult with those symptoms.
  • Children and adults under quarantine may not come to clubs.
  • It is recommended that children with reduced immunity, after recent illnesses, antibiotic therapy or surgeries, not come to the clubs.


  • We take strict care about disinfection of all our premises before and in between every class.
  • Every child and adult must disinfect hands each time before entering the reception. Children will be asked to disinfect their hands coming into the gym area and when they leave.
  • Parents must make sure that their children wash hands with soap after using the toilet.


  • Parents must have a mask covering the mouth and nose during the stay in the club;
  • Parents should provide a mask for a child over 4 y.o. on the way to and from the clubs;
  • Masks for kids are not obligatory during the exercises;
  • Parents should refrain from having phone conversations in the reception area;
  • Only ONE adult may come to the club with their child or children;
  • Classes will be structured at 45 minutes to limit contacts between different groups. Parents must not come earlier then 5 minutes before the class starts and leave the club within 5 minutes after the class;
  • Parents must not bring siblings to the club. There will be no play corner available.
  • Please do not bring any unnecessary items or toys to clubs, including water bottles (every child will be given single use paper cups during the classes).
  • Parents waiting at the reception must align to social distancing rules;
  • Parents who bring kids to the club are kindly asked to leave the club premises during the class if possible;
  • Parents must not come to the club if the child is still on the reservation list and the confirmation was not received ahead of class;
  • Please bring kids already in training clothes – we will avoid using the changing zones. All additional clothes should be stored in a bag kept with parents while waiting.
  • The number of persons by the reception desk is to be limited to one at the time. Abide with social distancing rules and keep behind the line marked on the floor;
  • Little Bears groups are not yet open.


  • If possible we ask you to pay only by card and avoid cash in our clubs;
  • Parents must not bring any food to the clubs.


  • make sure that all our staff come to gym only in their top form;
  • install hand disinfectors at the entry to the reception;
  • make sure that we have disinfection materials in all the toilets at your disposal;
  • carry protection masks and gloves, that will be changed / disinfected between classes;
  • wash hands and disinfect any surfaces touched during the class inside gym and reception;
  • replace some of our usual rituals in the gym (e.g. hands’ greetings), respecting “no-touch” rules.
  • decrease our maximum limit of children to 11 in one group (6 for Nimble Frogs);
  • not serve any fruits or vegetables for the time being;
  • not sell snacks for the time being;
  • serve coffee and water in clubs in single use paper cups (for the time being coffee and water will be served by our manager or trainers).