GyM Generation 2021 CAMPS


General provisions regarding the organization of GYM Generation 2021 Camps

“Discover the joy of sport”

    This procedure applies to all employees of GYM Generation in Warsaw and parents of children attending the camp, their legal guardians and persons authorized to collect and bring the child to the GYM Generation facilities.


Only healthy children can be brought to the camp.

  • A sick child or a child who is quarantined at home must not be brought to a camp. If the child or their family members visit hospitals must not be brought to a camp. To clarify children in conditions of infection, e.g., cold, coughing, coughing, with increased temperature, complaining of headache, muscles with diarrhea or vomiting, as well as those who have clearly observed behavioural changes, cannot attend a camp until complete recovery.
  • It is recommended that children with reduced immunity, after recent diseases, antibiotic therapy or surgery or operations, not be sent to the camp.
  • It is forbidden to give children medicines (antibiotics, syrups, ointments, gels, etc.) and health preparations such as dietary supplements during the camp.
  • Children in the camp will be reminded of frequent and thorough washing of hands, before eating, returning from outside and after using the toilet.
  • Body temperature is measured for all children for control purposes and during a camp in children showing signs of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) using non-contact thermometers.
  • Instructors and the GYM Generation manager keep parents informed about children’s well-being or noticed changes in behaviour during their stay in the camp.
  • If a sick child is brought to a day camp, the day camp employee refuses to admit him to the day camp.
  • In case of showing symptoms of sickness, children attending the camp and employees should stay at home and contact the sanitary and epidemiological station by telephone, the infectious department, and in case of deteriorating health call 999 or 112 and inform the camp that they may be infected with Coronavirus.


Detailed rules for the organization of care for children in the camp:

3.1 Parents bringing a child to a camp are required to:

  1. bringing to the day camp only a healthy child, without any disease or infection who has not been in contact with a sick person, with symptoms or infected with coronavirus or arriving from abroad;
  2. responding immediately to any camp call;
  3. only ONE adult may come to the club with their child or children;
  4. keep GYM Generation managers informed about the child’s state of health;
  5. not bring any unnecessary items or toys to the camp, and ensure that the child does not bring such;
  6. not leaving a stroller, bicycle, scooter in the camp vestibule;
  7. bringing and receiving children in protective masks, and after entering the facility to disinfect hands with disinfectant liquid;
  8. when bringing or picking up a child to / from a camp and keep social distance between the subject’s employees and other children and their parents;
  9. parents are forbidden to enter the camp for no valid reason. The employee is entitled to ask the Parent from the camp area outside the entrance area.

3.2 Organization of childcare in the camp:

  1. the same instructors and managers are assigned to the group, unless it is impossible for independent reasons;
  2. in the room where the group resides, items and equipment that could not be effectively washed or disinfected have been removed. Sports equipment must be thoroughly cleaned or disinfected;
  3. rooms ventilated at least once an hour, during breaks and, if necessary, also during classes;
  4. all children and employees must wear a protective mask when entering and leaving the club.

3.3 Principles of organization of child nutrition at the camp:

  1. in the organization of nutrition, additional caution rules will be introduced regarding the epidemiological protection;
  2. the group eats snacks during a day camp in disposable dishes and lunch in a restaurant.
  3. the use of meals is safe in designated areas at the club. Before meals, disinfect the table tops, where the meals will be eaten.


Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of rooms and surfaces:

  1. children will regularly wash their hands with soap & water and make sure, especially after arriving at the club, after sport, before eating and returning from outside, after using the toilet;
  2. we do not brush teeth in a camp;
  3. every employee is required to regularly disinfect their hands using hand disinfectant and / or soap and water and use personal protective equipment;
  4. all touched surfaces: door handles, light switches, chairs, flat surfaces, including countertops, tables and toys used by children, are washed and disinfected every day according to the club’s washing and disinfection rules;
  5. the club ensures ongoing disinfection of all toilets. The club are cleaned and disinfected after the children leave;
  6. there is no obligation on the club to cover your mouth and nose – for both children and employees;
  7. posters with rules for proper hand washing are placed in sanitary and hygienic rooms, and instructions for hands’ disinfectant dispensers.


Other regulations:

  1. the manager is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the procedure;
  2. all club employees and parents are required to comply with this procedure;
  3. non-compliance by club employees with the provisions of this procedure will be treated as a violation of basic employee obligations;
  4. employees confirm that they have read this procedure;
  5. the procedure is effective from 24/06/2021 until the epidemic status is cancelled within the country.